Local Ingredients

At Frozen Garden, we’re proud to work with local farmers in Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan to create our green smoothies. What makes local produce better than industrial produce? Well, aside from the obvious heebie-jeebies involved in “industrial food”, it may also be less nutritious than local fruits and veggies.

Penn State researchers found that spinach loses about half of its folate and carotenoid content over the course of 8 days. (“Carotenoids” are a category of powerful antioxidants that include the beta-carotene and lutein found in spinach.) Now, consider that spinach at the grocery store might be two weeks old, meaning it has lost even more of those precious nutrients. Items like apples can be stored even longer (up to a year) — a necessity since they can’t be harvested year-round.

Our solution is to quickly blast freeze our green smoothie ingredients for maximum nutrients. Often with local greens, we’re freezing within a day of harvest! That means more nutrients for you! (Mmm, folate…)

In addition, we work with local farmers because we believe in the power of REAL food. We believe that supporting small REAL food farmers is an important part of propelling the real food movement. And we feel that being able to shake a local farmer’s hand is so much more valuable than any label.

We do source some of our green smoothie ingredients outside the area — at least until a local farm masters the art of growing avocados and lemons in the Midwest. ;) In the meantime, we buy certified organic for any ingredients on the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen list that are not available locally. 

Meet our farmers!