Caring for Our Environment

At Frozen Garden we take sustainability and being environmentally-friendly seriously. We believe in being good stewards of the Earth and making sure nothing goes to waste. As a company, it’s our duty to take care of the Earth, especially for future generations.

Composting bucket

Food Scraps and Waste

We donate 100 percent of our scraps/waste to Great Inspirations Farm for composting which reduces landfill waste and incineration, and therefore emissions. Great Inspirations Farm uses this compost to feed the soil that grows the kale, spinach, cucumbers (and more!) that we use in our Smoothies.

Partnering with Local Farmers

We partner with local farmers who deliver our produce to us in reusable containers so there is no wasteful packaging. Plus, we aren’t adding to the air pollution by having our ingredients hauled across the country to us.

Frozen Garden Fusion Pouches

BPA-Free Smoothie Packs

Our Smoothie and Fusion pouches are BPA-free and can be recycled in most residential recycling programs. When recycled, these pouches are broken down into recyclable regrind, or tiny pellets that serve as the main raw ingredient used to produce other forms of flexible packaging or items like plastic tables, park benches and even dog toys!

Green Cell Foam Shipping Box

Shipping Materials

We’re committed to using environmentally conscious and sustainable shipping methods, which is why we use insulated liners that are made from plants (corn starch) and minerals (dirt and rocks). When you dispose of the insulated liner, the inner liner material will break down and compost over time.. The cardboard box is 100 percent curbside recyclable.

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