Why Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are a delicious, convenient way to nourish your body. Here’s the deal:

large and small glass of blended green smoothies
  • Dark leafy greens rock because they’re incredibly nutrient-dense. (“Nutrient-dense” means that they give you the most bang for your bite — loads of nutrients compared to calories.) Dark leafy greens are incredibly rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K, along with antioxidants, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and dietary fiber. This means they’re great for everything from cancer prevention to heart and bone health, and beyond. (Read more from the USDA.)
  • Green smoothies rock because they make it so easy to eat more greens. The idea is that you’re more likely to consume more of those dark leafy greens when you can simply pop them in the blender and make a tasty smoothie. Making a green smoothie is faster than cooking, with less planning and less cleanup — perfect for people with limited time.
  • Our green smoothies rock even harder because they’re made with mostly local produce and they’re incredibly delicious. We’ve already perfected the recipes and prepped all the fresh produce, so we make it super-easy for you. Simply open the convenient frozen smoothie pouch and drop the ingredients into any blender. Then add water and blend. You’ll be enjoying a delicious green smoothie and nourishing your body within minutes.

Wow… that’s a lot of rocking for three Midwest moms  We launched Frozen Garden because of our passion for dark leafy greens and our mom-like desire to help other people eat well and enjoy good health! During our years of health coaching, we found that time was often the biggest obstacle to healthful nourishment. Frozen Garden green smoothies couldn’t be any easier. (Or any more delicious — check out our flavors!)

Are all green-colored smoothies truly green smoothies?

Wondering about that “green smoothie” at the grocery store that looks more like juice and has titles such as "Daily Greens" and "Green Goodness"? Here are a couple hints.

child drinking green smoothie
  • Greens: Every Frozen Garden smoothie has leafy greens as the first or second ingredient. And when greens are the second ingredient, the first ingredient is another whole food — like cranberries, roasted pumpkin, or 7 local peaches. Compare that to the grocery store bottle and you’ll find leafy greens as the 10th ingredient.
  • Fiber: Take a peek at their fiber and you’ll see our green smoothies have 2-3 times as much of the good stuff — even after you adjust for their skimpy serving sizes. That’s because we focus on whole food ingredients, instead of bulking up on juice from concentrate. Juice is cheap and sweet but just not as healthful. (Take it from a mom!)
  • Raw: Frozen Garden smoothies have lots of raw ingredients, along with a few cooked ones. (Have you ever tried putting a raw sweet potato in the blender?) Those mass-bottled drinks contain no raw ingredients. Not a drop. They’re all pasteurized because law requires that all processed juice products be pasteurized for safety. We aren’t subject to a pasteurization requirement because Frozen Garden pouches contain whole food ingredients instead of processed juices.

Try it for yourself! Ready for the green smoothie experience? There’s no subscription necessary, so you choose when you want to order more green smoothies. Start choosing your flavors.

What about juicing? Smoothies are way better than juices!



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