Why Green Smoothies

green smoothieGreen smoothies are a delicious, convenient way to nourish your body. Here’s the deal: We launched Frozen Garden because of our passion for dark leafy greens and our desire to help other people eat well and enjoy good health! During my years of health coaching, I found that time was often the biggest obstacle to healthful nourishment. Frozen Garden green smoothies couldn’t be any easier. (Or any more delicious — check out our flavors!)

Are all green-colored smoothies truly green smoothies?

Wondering about that “green smoothie” at the grocery store that looks more like juice and has titles such as "Daily Greens" and "Green Goodness"? Here are a couple hints.

Try it for yourself! Ready for the green smoothie experience? There’s no subscription necessary, so you choose when you want to order more green smoothies. Start choosing your flavors.

What about juicing? Smoothies are way better than juices!