Inspired by a trip to Northern California, where eating and drinking are celebrated daily and local ingredients are transformed into feasts, our  Napa-licious smoothie will delight all of your senses. You will be captivated by the sweet taste of red grapes and kiwi, which is balanced by the tartness of the crisp apples, followed by a refreshingly clean hint of cucumber. To finish this amazing green smoothie, we added the subtle and delicate, fragrant healing note of lavender.

Grapes are famous for having resveratrol, believed to be good for heart health and a powerful antioxidant (known as polyphenols). Cucumber is hydrating and aids in flushing out toxins. Apples are also rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fiber. 

Take a moment to SLOW DOWN..... this smoothie was born from a place of relaxation and enjoyment, mindfulness and pleasure. Treat yourself to this relaxing drink for the ultimate holistic cure!

Healthy, delicious, & convenient. Frozen Garden’s ready-to-blend green smoothies make it easy to nourish your body! We do all the work — from designing the delicious smoothie recipes to prepping all the fresh ingredients. You just open the freezer, grab a pouch, and blend! Fill a box and get free shipping over $125 and half off shipping over $75. Frozen smoothie delivery with no subscription necessary!

Ingredients: Spinach*, Apple*, Kiwi, Pear*, Date, Cucumber*, Grapes, Avocado, Orange, Chia Seeds*, Lavender.
*Grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Size: Makes approximately 20 ounces when blended with 1½ cups of liquid.

Please Note: Packaging may vary from what is pictured as we are going through a transition in packaging.

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