Shipping FAQ

shipping box on porchshipping box opened on countertopshipping box opened with frozen garden green smoothies insideshipping box on countertop with frozen garden green smoothies

FREE SHIPPING for orders totaling $75 and over!

Is there a minimum order to have Frozen Garden Green Smoothies shipped to me?

There is a minimum of 6 regular or 12 junior smoothies per order. 

How fast are Frozen Garden Green Smoothies shipped to me?
We ship every every week on Monday. All orders are then shipped via 1-Day or 2-Day Ground service depending on your location. They will arrive on Tuesday (1-Day Ground) or Wednesday (2-Day Ground) at your shipping address. In the event that Monday is a holiday, orders will be shipped out on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday/Thursday.
Are you using environmentally friendly shipping materials?
cardboard shipping box with eco-linerWe are committed to environmentally conscious and sustainable shipping methods. We use an Eco-Liner that is made from natural cotton based panels wrapped in an earth friendly film, containing ingredients that accelerate biodegradation to assist with reducing landfill waste. These liners are also 100% curbside recyclable. The cardboard box is also 100% curbside recyclable. Please recycle the liner and cardboard box.
How do you keep the smoothies frozen during shipping?
We utilize dry ice in our shipments to keep Frozen Garden Green Smoothies frozen during the entire transit. The smoothies are packaged with enough dry ice to keep the smoothies cold for the duration of transit. However, due to unknown conditions during shipment, it is best to bring the package inside and transfer the smoothies to your freezer as soon as you receive the shipment.
How do I dispose of the dry ice in my shipment?
dry ice wrapped in brown paperThe dry ice will be wrapped in brown paper and will be on top of the smoothies…the first thing you will see when opening the box and the liner. You may put the paper-wrapped dry ice in a bowl and place in a well-ventilated area away from pets and children. The dry ice will dissipate over time and when gone, you may recycle the brown paper it was wrapped in. Do not open and touch the dry ice with your bare hands as it may cause burns.



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