• Pour Frozen Smoothie Mix Into Blender - Smoothie Subscription - Frozen Garden

    STEP 1

    Add frozen smoothie contents into blender.

  • Blend Frozen Smoothie Pack - Smoothie Subscription - Frozen Garden

    STEP 2

    Add liquid and blend for 60 seconds.

  • Enjoy Frozen Smoothie Pack - Smoothie Subscription - Frozen Garden

    STEP 3

    Pour into a glass and enjoy!

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I have tried Daily Harvest and Smoothie Box and this by far is the best tasting and portions. Love them and will be life customer for sure.

Donna P.

Frozen Garden is the best. Healthy, delicious and great customer service - they truly care!

Kelle F.

These fruit smoothies are the best!!! Not too sweet - just right. I try to have one every morning as it gives me natural energy. Everyone needs to give them a try!

Donna W.

I purchased these for my mom, to boost her nutritional intake because she has had some health issues and wasn't eating enough. She LOVES these smoothies and I plan to order more. Great product!

Michele H.

Fast delivery, fresh, and delicious!

Melissa J.

I absolutely love your smoothies! I received a gift package from friends a couple months ago and I had never heard of Frozen Garden, but was hooked right away. To be able to have those delicious healthy drinks and foods ready in a minute is amazing. There was not one flavor that wasn't delicious. When my freezer was empty, I had to reorder for myself. I intend to be a regular customer from now on.

Sandra G.

As I approach my retirement, I am looking for healthy food options and decided to try the fruit smoothies. They are absolutely delicious! Super fast and convenient. Customer service is outstanding as I had a carrier delivery delay that was immediately rectified. Great product, great service. Highly recommend! Super delicious!

Annette M.
Smoothie Box - Smoothie Subscription - Smoothie Mix - Frozen Garden


  • 100% whole fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices
  • Add liquid and blend for a smoothie in just 60 seconds.
  • Unique, artisan combinations of flavors.
  • Something for every member of the family.
  • 2 servings of fruits & veggies in each frozen smoothie pack.

  • 9-Smoothie Pack
    9-Smoothie Pack

    $7.89 per Smoothie

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    $ 70.99
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    $ 71.91
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    $ 70.99
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  • 12-Smoothie Pack
    12-Smoothie Pack

    $7.79 per Smoothie

    Regular price
    $ 93.48
    Regular price
    $ 95.88
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    $ 93.48
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  • 18-Smoothie Pack
    18-Smoothie Pack

    $7.59 per Smoothie

    Regular price
    $ 136.62
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    $ 143.82
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    $ 136.62
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  • 36-Smoothie Pack
    36-Smoothie Pack

    $7.29 per Smoothie

    Regular price
    $ 262.44
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    $ 287.64
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    $ 262.44
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We do the Work - Smoothie Delivery - Vegan Meal Delivery - Frozen Garden


The average person...

  • spends 6 hours per week on meal prep.
  • throws away $125 in food waste monthly.
  • consumes 773 empty calories daily.

Read more to discover how Frozen Garden can help you reduce waste and reclaim more time for what matters.

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    Our frozen Smoothie mixes are the epitome of taste and convenience. Packed with flash-frozen fruits, vegetables, seeds, and spices, they're ready in just one minute.


    Our premade Overnight Oats embody the perfect blend of flavor and ease. Brimming with carefully selected ingredients, including gluten-free oats, fruits, seeds, and spices, they're ready while you sleep.


    Our grain bowl Garden Bowls are deliciously bold and convenient. Bursting with a harmonious mix of whole grains, flash-frozen vegetables, and a delightful sauce of herbs and spices, they're ready to enjoy in just 2 minutes.


    Our Delite healthy desserts offer a delightful twist on classic treats. Crafted with real fruit, nuts, and spices, and without any added sugar, they're a guilt-free indulgence ready in just 1 minute.


    Our Fusion water enhancers bring together flavor and convenience. These frozen cubes made with pureed fruit and herbs enhance your water. Elevate your hydration with a delightful twist in a matter of seconds.

Smoothie Mix - Frozen Garden
Premade Overnight Oats - Frozen Garden
Grain Bowl Garden Bowls - Frozen Garden
Delite Healthy Desserts - Frozen Garden
Fusion Water Enhancer - Frozen Garden