It's Time For A Food Waste Intervention!

April 09, 2017

It's Time For A Food Waste Intervention!

Of all the moments along our personal food journey, possibly one of the most shared might depict a wide-eyed, leafy-greens enthusiast pairing their newly purchased hull of fresh produce with their latest refrigerator organization methods... For me, this scene is as futile and temporary as trying to organize the apps on my phone... The whole process has about a two week rebound before I realize I’ve got it all wrong and start over! Organizing my apps I write off as a pastime, but two weeks of neglecting my produce on the other hand has a  direct effect on my wallet! Those shelves once brimming with fresh produce, now hold waste formations with only a soggy resemblance to the freshly misted counterparts I brought home. Those cucumbers I purchased now hold mushy scab-cratered surprises and my box of spinach somehow resembles the random tangles of wet weed brought up by fishing line…it's not pretty!

Let's be honest, what would you do in a situation like this? You might even be able to speak from personal experience! It’s like they say, “when life gives you spoiled produce, make Red Baron Pizza [insert unspeakable processed food of choice here]!" 

Are You In Food Waste Contributor Denial?

But hey it's not your fault… It all happened so fast, there was nothing you could do… Right?

The scenario actually depicts an unfortunate issue that is a very real epidemic not only in United States, but worldwide! Recent reports issued by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) are stating that “40 percent of food in the United States today goes uneaten / more than 20 pounds of food per person every month.”

The report goes on to track how food waste builds at each level of the food supply chain, eventually leading to these unacceptably high numbers...food waste losses found in farming, packing, processing, in distribution, in retail, in food service, and in households! On a household level, the report stated that “American families throw out approximately 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy.

An article released by The Atlantic also reported that “For an American family of four, the average value of discarded produce is nearly $1,600 annually. (Globally, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that one-third of all food grown is lost or wasted, an amount valued at nearly $3 trillion.)”

It's Time For A Food Loss Intervention!

It's definitely hard to face numbers like these and admit that we just might land in the average American household category they’re reporting on, and be suffering the same losses they’re estimating!

At Frozen Garden, we’re committed to making it easier for people get the nutrition necessary to be healthy! As a business with a heart for nutrition, the UNEP publication helped us to feel the weight of this problem saying, “When this figure is converted to calories, this means that about 1 in 4 calories intended for consumption is never actually eaten. In a world full of hunger, volatile food prices, and social unrest, these statistics are more than just shocking: they are environmentally, morally and economically outrageous.” That statement encourages us to keep doing what we do!

Some advice from the NRDC’s report gives us a heads up to minimize spoilage from “poor visibility in refrigerators, partially used ingredients, and misjudged food needs / lack of meal planning and shopping lists, inaccurate estimates of meal preparation” and more.

I hope these reports are helpful to bring awareness on how big of a problem food loss is! Change always begins with awareness, anyone can start by becoming mindful of their own consumption. Become aware of how much food is being converted into waste in your own household and decide if any changes would be right for your situation!

Do you have food converting into loss or waste? Are nutrient-dense greens and other ingredients going to waste without ever being consumed? If you do, consider getting more products into your freezer in the form of our smoothies. This is the best way we know to lower food waste costs and ensure that nutritional needs are being met everyday! In the early days, our Frozen Garden founders suggested drinking green smoothies everyday as part of their Holistic Health Education programs. That passion to help you do this one thing has become our great venture! We’re still committed to our clients as educators and the mission continues for us as providers of delicious hand-crafted green smoothies!

Help Spread Awareness & Experience For Yourself!

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