We understand that a nourished team is a productive team. That's why we've crafted a selection of delightful and healthful options perfect for corporate gifting, bulk orders, and rewarding your hardworking staff. Let us help you nurture a culture of well-being and success within your company.
Unique Corporate Gifts - Corporate Wellness - Frozen Garden


Looking for a unique corporate gift? We get it, chocolates and pens are a thing of the past. That's why we've curated a selection of wholesome delights, including our signature ready-to-blend Smoothies, Overnight Oats, and Garden Bowls. Not just any gift, these are a boost of wellness and joy that'll make your colleagues feel appreciated and energized. Say hello to a new way of gifting that's as fresh and vibrant as you are!

Employee Wellness Ideas - Corporate Wellness - Frozen Garden


Looking for fresh employee wellness ideas? At Frozen Garden, we understand that a healthy team is a happy and productive team. That's why we offer more than just nutritious products. We're here to collaborate with you, supplementing your employee wellness program with an employee discount and/or rewards program. Let's team up to cultivate a workplace culture that values health and vitality. Join us in making wellness a top priority for your exceptional employees!

Bulk Smoothie Orders - Corporate Wellness - Frozen Garden


Looking to transform your break room into a wellness oasis? With our bulk ordering shipped directly to your company's location, keeping your kitchen stocked has never been easier. You'll have a tempting array of ready-to-blend Smoothies, Overnight Oats, and Garden Bowls, all within arm's reach. Encourage healthy snacking and nourish your team effortlessly with Frozen Garden's convenient and delectable options. Let's turn your break room into the ultimate destination for delicious, nutritious treats!



    Choose from our digital or physical gift cards, available in bulk or for individual recipients. Corporate customers enjoy a 10% discount on orders over $1,000.


    Send a package of Frozen Garden goodies straight to your recipients' doorstep. Let us curate the perfect product bundle for your budget, ensuring each box is perfectly designed.


    Unlock special savings for your team with a discount code crafted just for you. Choose between our basic discount option or opt for even deeper discounts with our cost-sharing program.


    Enjoy free shipping and a fantastic 15% discount on all bulk orders headed to a single corporate location, with a minimum order of $500. Perfect for events or stocking your break room.