Introducing NEW Frozen Garden Fusions!

Elevate Your Hydration

Frozen Garden Fusions

What's A Fusion?

The act of making boring water flavorful by infusing it with 100% fruit and herbs.

At Frozen Garden, we love the idea of flavored water, but we’re not about added sugar or getting flavor from processed powders. We also love infused water, but that takes so much time chopping the fruit and waiting for the flavors to infuse the water. That’s why we created our new line of non-GMO, handcrafted Fusions––to give you a convenient and tasty way to add a splash of real flavor from real food to your water.

Each Fusion is made with 100% whole fruit and herbs, pureed and frozen into a single-serve frozen “cube” you add to a glass of water to infuse it. Fusions are available in three flavors and come in a resealable package with 12 Fusions – enough for 12 glasses of water.

Personalize Your Flavor Intensity

Frozen Garden Fusions

The awesome thing about Fusions is you control the intensity of flavor. That’s right. If you prefer a hint of flavor, like infused water you’d get at the spa, then one Fusion is what you need. If you prefer a more intense flavor, then you may want to add two or three Fusions. Heck, you can even add the whole bag!

Whatever your preference, you’re always in the driver’s seat when it comes to customizing your drink.

How Do I Infuse My Water? 

Frozen Garden Fusion Melted

It’s as easy as 1,2…well, 1,2!

1 fusion into 12 ounces of water for a hint of flavor
you can easily customize the intensity from a hint of flavor to full-flavored by adding additional Fusions into the water until it meets your desired preference

fusions will fully melt in a few minutes

plastic water bottle trash

Increase Your Hydration and Reduce Plastic Waste

Love flavored water but not the plastic waste? Us too! Adding a Fusion to your filtered water to make your own fruit-infused water is an easy way to reduce your everyday waste while increasing your hydration. Your body will thank you and so will the environment. Order yours now.

Fruit Infused Mojito

More Than Just Water

Fusions have so many more uses than just flavoring water. Add some real flavor to your hot or iced tea or spice up your mixed drink with real pureed fruit and herbs. Our Fusions can even be used as a flavor additive in your everyday cooking! Check out some of our favorite recipes to see how to add real flavor to more than just water!