Meet Our Farmers

Have you heard? We love local farmers! In our heart of hearts, we believe that to continue the real food movement we must support local food farmers. Plus, when you eat food from local farmers, the benefits are pretty ah-mazing. Here are a few examples: you become aware of the food you’re putting in your body, you help support local families and you may even be helping preserve green space. Take a minute to get to know some of our rad local farmers.

local blueberry farm

Blueberry Ranch

For once, it’s cool to be blue! Since 2009, the Blueberry Ranch is one of the only 100 percent USDA Certified organic blueberry farms in the Midwest. Located in Mishawaka, Indiana, the Blueberry Ranch grows nine different varieties of blueberries. Straight from the field, these little blue guys are frozen immediately after picking and stored in the ranch’s industrial freezer until they’re delivered to our door. We are very lucky to source these delicious local organic blueberries year-round! You’ll find these plump sources of antioxidants in our Rollin’ Oats smoothie.

woman farmer harvesting kale

Great Inspirations Farm

It’s easy to get inspired by Great Inspirations Farm! Committed to being good stewards of the environment, Great Inspirations grows produce using sustainable and biodynamic processes. They know that by giving to the Earth, the Earth will return even more to us and that’s pretty freakin’ awesome. That’s why we donate 100 percent of our food waste/scraps to the farm for composting which helps feed the soil they use to grow produce for our smoothies. Learn more about this process. 

Located in Chesterton, Indiana, the farm also grows several different kinds of produce for our smoothies. Find their vitamin-powered Dwarf Siberian Kale (which is sweeter and not as tough as what you might buy at the grocery store) in our Green ProteinBerry Choco-Latte and Berry-Nana-Rama smoothies. You’ll find their bloat-beating cucumbers in our DetoxNapa-licious and Very Veggie  smoothies as well as halitosis-preventing parsley and antioxidant-loaded celery in our Very Veggie smoothie. . 

farmer planting crop

Klug Orchards

Go back in time and celebrate old school farming techniques with Klug Orchards, located in Berrien Center, Michigan. A few of their timeless traditions include using an old-fashioned pull behind planter, hand hoeing acres of crops and hand picking produce at peak ripeness. A third-generation farm, the Klug’s grow 110 acres of yummy Certified Organic produce such as various fruits, berries and assorted herb and vegetables. You’ll find their juicy tart apples in our Napa-licious smoothie and crisp sweet apples in our Rollin’ Oats and Green Protein smoothies. Our Berry-Nana-Rama smoothie includes their antioxidant-filled strawberries and Detox, Napa-licious, and Immunity smoothies include Klug’s immune-booting pears!

local farmer growing carrots

Perkins' Good Earth Farm

Helping make big muscles (like Popeye!) since 2009, Perkins' Good Earth Farm is a family-operated farm in DeMotte, Indiana. Their name, in part, was inspired by the premise of The Good Earth—nourishing the land, respecting nature and having a good work ethic. Certified Naturally Grown, owners Dan and Julie take pride in going beyond organic by balancing complex and dynamic relationships within the whole farm system. They use methods such as cover crops, organic inputs, bare fallow periods, skim plowing and minimum tillage all while ensuring their farm products are of the highest quality, for you and your health. You’ll find their fiber-filled spinach in our Detox, Jungle Breeze, Rollin’ Oats, Napa-licious, Immunity and Very Veggie smoothies. Their delicious fresh herbs are pureed along with other fruits in our Fusion beverage infusers.

Farmer looking at greens

Rainfield Farm

Rainfield Farm is proof that good things come in small packages—dark leafy green packages that is! Located in New Carlisle, Indiana, Rainfield practices organic growing methods which prevent the use of pesticides and synthetic chemicals and rely heavily on composting and soil conditioning through cover crops, green manure and crop rotations. Currently, they’re growing 70+ varieties of produce along with apples, peaches, herbs and flowers. Taste their folate-filled spinach highlighted in our Detox, Jungle Breeze, Rollin’ Oats, Napa-licious, Immunity and Very Veggie smoothies.

Other Local Suppliers

hemp farmers standing near hemp plants

Foods Alive

Sprouting to life in 2002, Foods Alive sources the highest quality and best tasting superfoods from across the globe to provide the most mineral rich and nutrient dense foods available. Foods Alive’s superfoods are a great source of antioxidants, amino acids (proteins), dietary fiber and many other hard to find essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are so lucky to have a fellow Indiana company to source our seeds and the most delicious Himalayan pink sea salt. Find their omega-3 packed chia seeds in our Rollin’ Oats and Napa-licious smoothies and nutty-flavored hemp seeds in our Green Protein and Immunity smoothies. Our Green Protein and Berry-Nana-Rama smoothies are made with Foods Alive’s fiber-packed flax seeds and our Berry Choco-Latte includes their mineral-packed Himalayan pink sea salt and magnesium-rich raw cacao.


Terra Spice Company

Keeping things spicy since 2001, Terra Spice Company procures the highest quality herbs, spices, and specialty ingredients from around the world. Located in South Bend, Indiana, Terra Spice sells only the purest, most natural products available while continuing to seek out the finest products on the market. We utilize Terra Spice Company's spices to add unique layers of flavors to our smoothies. You’ll get a taste of nutty coriander and fragrant cardamom in our Green Protein smoothie and aromatic cinnamon in our Rollin’ Oats and Green Protein smoothies. Our Detox smoothie gives a hint of earthy turmeric, our Immunity smoothie, heat from cayenne pepper and our Napa-licios smoothie, a healing note of lavender. We're also excited to include their fragrant rosemary in our Berry-Nana-Rama smoothie. 

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