Our Farmers

Frozen Garden is committed to offering the highest quality and affordable Green Smoothies to our customers by supporting local farmers within 100 miles of Frozen Garden. We firmly believe that in order to continue the REAL food movement...we have to support small REAL food farmers. Check out some of our local farmers below...

Blueberry Ranch

Founded in 1953, the Blueberry Ranch is one of the oldest U-Pick farms in the Midwest. Since 2009, the Blueberry Ranch is one of the only 100% USDA Certified Organic blueberry farms in the Midwest. Located in Mishawaka, Indiana, the Blueberry Ranch grows 9 different varieties of blueberries and offers fresh berries during the growing season and also frozen berries during the winter. From field to freezer, they are froze immediately after picking and stored in their industrial freezer. We are very lucky to be able to source these delicious local organic blueberries year-round!

Great Inspirations Farm

Great Inspirations Farm is a 14-acre biodynamic family run farm in Chesterton, Indiana. They are committed to growing using organic materials. Absolutely no use of synthetic chemical insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers on their crops or on any of their land. Minimal and careful use of even Organically approved soil amendments and sprays. Care for the soil, water and air quality with crop rotations, cover crops, protective buffer strips and ecologically sustainable farming practices. They grow from organic open-pollinated or heirloom seed mainly - and they do try a few hybrids from time to time.  No use of chemically treated or Genetically Modified seeds. They strive to give their absolute best to the land so that we all may receive a flavorful and nutritious bounty from the Earth. Great Inspirations Farm specializes in providing a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

Klug Orchards

A 3rd generation 152-acre fruit and vegetable farm began by their parents, now Kevin and Cathy Klug proudly grow approximately 110 acres of USDA Certified Organic tasty hand grown awesome produce at Klug Orchards in Berrien Center, Michigan. Yearly, 150 tons of natural horse manure, fish emulsion and chicken pelletized organic fertilizers are caringly applied per NOP approved guidelines for natural, sustainable soil and plant health to raise the finest produce Southwest Michigan has to offer. Brewing their 500 gallon compost tea maker/sprayer is also a unique part of the farms nutrition/disease/insect management and grows just better tasting stuff! We are lucky to be able to source our apples and pears from Klug Orchards!

Perkins Good Earth Farm

Perkins' Good Earth Farm is a family farm in DeMotte, Indiana. In 2009, Dan and Julie Perkins purchased 20 acres of land and started Perkins’ Good Earth Farm, inspired in part by Pearl S. Buck’s classic novel. As Certified Naturally Grown, the farm is inspected annually to ensure they are practicing organic production techniques but Dan and Julie take pride in going beyond organic...they are not defined by a minimum standard but rather by balancing complex and dynamic relationships within the whole farm system. They use methods such as cover crops, organic inputs, bare fallow periods, skim plowing, and minimum tillage all while ensuring their farm products are of the highest quality, produced for you and your health.

Rainfeld Farm

Born in 2012, Rainfield Farm practices small scale farming on thirteen acres of land, two and a half of which are used for growing produce.  The fields are strategically placed to minimally impact the natural landscape of pines and rolling hills. They practice organic growing methods which prevents the use of pesticides and synthetic chemicals and rely heavily on composting and soil conditioning through cover crops, green manure and crop rotations. Currently they are growing 70+ varieties of produce along with apples, peaches, herbs and flowers.  We are so grateful to have Rainfield Farm supplying us with the spinach that is highlighted in our green smoothies.

Other Local Suppliers

Foods Alive

Foods Alive, a family owned company based out of Angola, Indiana, sprouted to life in 2002. Foods Alive sources the highest quality and best tasting superfoods from across the globe to provide the most mineral rich and nutrient dense foods available. Superfoods are a great source of anti-oxidants, amino acids (proteins), dietary fiber and many other hard to find essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are so lucky to have a fellow Indiana company to source our chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds and the most delicious Himalayan pink sea salt from! Also check out their line of protein powders to give your smoothie that extra protein boost.

Terra Spice Company

While working in restaurants across the country, Philip Abbott pursued the craft of spice blending, and then established Terra Spice Company in 2001 in South Bend, Indiana to cater to culinary professionals and provide unsurpassed quality and service to customers.  To create the finest blends, Philip procures the highest quality herbs, spices, and specialty ingredients from around the world. Terra Spice stocks and sells only the purest, most natural products available, and continues to seek out the finest products on the market. We utilize Terra Spice Company's spices to add unique layers of flavors to our smoothies.