Getting REAL With Clean Eating

Getting REAL: Clean Eating For Beginners

Before I started Frozen Garden, I spent my time educating others, as a Holistic Health Coach, on clean eating and REAL food. I developed a program called the Real Food Challenge and guided numerous participants through this program to introduce them to the concepts of eating clean, real food. Working with my clients through this program was one of my inspirations for starting Frozen Garden. A key part of this program was drinking a daily green smoothie. People experienced the great benefits of a daily green smoothie like more energy, clearer skin, ease of digestion and better sleep, but found it hard to maintain the task of making one every day thus, Frozen Garden was born.

Now that I have solved the burden of making your daily smoothie in addition to drinking enough water with Fusions and snacking guilt-free with our Delites I was inspired to create a series of blog posts on the concepts of clean eating, what I like to call Getting REAL, to provide you with all the information you need to successfully make steps towards living a healthier lifestyle. This isn’t a diet, this isn’t a step-by-step program, this is knowledge. The knowledge needed to empower you to make sustainable life long changes. Are you ready to get back to the basics?

Why REAL Food?

Much of what fills grocery store aisles today are highly processed, food-like products. Many of these bags and boxes with the pretty and colorful packaging filled with misleading health claims such as "Low Fat" and "Sugar Free" do not, in fact, contain anything even close to REAL food. Instead, they are laden with chemicals, preservatives, sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavorings, genetically modified organisms...the list goes on!

Our ancestors preserved foods naturally, using salt, fermentation, and sun drying. Food processing has evolved away from these simple practices into more complicated and dubious methods. Today, over 12,000 chemicals are used in the production of our food. Many of those chemicals can have a devastating affect on our health. The food that is most convenient, most inexpensive and most readily available to us is toxic and making us sick. There is no magic pill or potion for good starts with what we put into our body.

Another inspiration for starting Frozen Garden was I was TIRED of telling clients they couldn’t buy any “convenient” products. They had to shop the outer edges of the grocery store - fresh fruits, fresh meats, fresh dairy - and to ignore everything in the aisles and freezers because it’s processed, has added chemicals and is terrible for your health.

I was tired of trying to convince people to get back into their kitchens and cook from scratch again because it's not a REASONABLE request of all people. In this day and age, it’s not even POSSIBLE for many people!

I wanted to CHANGE THE FOOD SYSTEM instead of constantly criticizing and bashing it.

I wanted to create something WITHOUT processed chemical additives that was easy and convenient for people to prove that it's POSSIBLE.

Getting back to eating REAL food the way nature intended, will get you on the path to better health!

Getting REAL

OK, time to dig into the good stuff. Getting REAL is simple. Eat REAL food, not food-like products and be mindful. Just take it week by week and start to incorporate a few concepts at a time into your daily routine.

Eat REAL Food

 Fruits and Vegetables
Whole Grains
Whole Dairy Products
Wild-Caught Seafood
Humanely Raised Meats
Natural Sweeteners (Raw Honey & Pure Maple Syrup)
Dried Fruit, Seeds, Nuts & Popcorn
Water and Smoothies
Healthy Fat Oils
Coffee, Tea, Wine and Beer (in moderation)

NOT Food-Like Products

Added Sugars
Artificial Sweeteners
Refined Grains or Flours
Processed Meats
Highly Processed Foods
Unhealthy Fats


Buy Whole Foods
Read Ingredients
Cook Your Own Food
Keep 2/3 of Your Plate Fruits and Vegetables
80% Plant-Based   

Again, don't let this list overwhelm you. I encourage you to tackle each concept on a per week basis. By the end of the Getting REAL series, you will have made changes each and every week and will be amazed at how different your food choices are from the beginning to the end!