Introducing Effortless Overnight Oats

Discover the Effortless Magic of Overnight Oats

To say we’ve been busy in the Frozen Garden kitchen this year is an understatement. We’ve dedicated 2021 to bringing you new and exciting flavors and brand-new product lines including guilt-free craveable Delites and fruit Smoothies. Now, we’re breaking outside of beverages and are excited to bring you effortless Overnight Oats!

We know it may be hard to wake up and make breakfast, but the future is now because you can make breakfast while you sleep. Just like other Frozen Garden products, our Oats are handcrafted with real fruit, seeds and spices with no added sugar and packed with protein and fiber without sacrificing flavor.

We really made our R&D Ninja, Emily, earn her paycheck with these flavors. She worked tirelessly to perfect each flavor and even took our tedious feedback such as, “Can you use juuuuust a little less chia and add more walnuts?” 

Our pre-portioned Overnight Oats are available in five hearty flavors:

Benefits of Breakfast

You know what they say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But, why? Well, according to the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, researchers found that eating a big breakfast instead of a larger dinner could prevent obesity and high blood sugar while even helping you burn twice as many calories. Say, what!?

But sadly, breakfast is no longer a priority for many Americans as they’re short on time and sometimes skip breakfast all together. According to Mintel traditional mealtimes are now turning to snack times. Nearly 75% of people are snacking in the morning - furthering the need for light and portable foods that are healthy, convenient, high in protein, contain fruit and are low in sugar. Plus, research has shown that protein and fat can increase satiety and cut down on unnecessary snacking later, while whole grains and produce add nutritious fiber, vitamins and minerals.

What’s more? Skipping breakfast is commonly associated with increased risk of obesity, diabetes and low dietary quality. Those who eat breakfast regularly often have increased physical activity and lower intake of snacks.

Well, Overnight Oats are now entering the chat because each pre-portioned Oat pack checks all of those boxes and the coolest part? You can eat it right out of the pack!