Which is Better: Juices vs. Smoothies

It’s time for the great Smoothie versus juice showdown! While both are convenient and easy ways to consume more fruits and veggies, which is better? Let’s take a look.

Smoothies are made with whole, unadulterated ingredients that are pulverized to a liquid consistency with nothing discarded. On the other hand, juices represent just a small portion of what’s left over after the liquid has been separated from the skin.

Plus, aside from the obvious waste created by tossing out the juice’s leftovers, you’re also losing out on all that valuable fiber! Why does fiber matter so much? Well, fiber plays a critical role in regulating blood sugar, lowering cholesterol and supporting bowel health. It also feeds the healthy bacteria in our guts—making it potentially even more beneficial than taking probiotics.

Smoothies also slow down absorption, giving you the everyday nutrition your body needs. And with Smoothies you don’t have to worry about a sugar spike and crash like you do with juice.

By now, you probably think we’re a bunch of juicing haters, right? But, we’re not. We promise. Actually, there are times when juicing is better than a Smoothie. When you’re healing or sick, your body needs a ton of micronutrients. That’s when juicing comes in to save the day. Da-da-da-dah!

What about powders?

The next best thing to real fruit and veggies is, well, nothing. No powder, or even premix, can come close to real whole food—no matter what it promises or how pricey or how well marketed it is. Frozen Garden Smoothie packs are made with 100% whole food that you can see and drink!

What are you waiting for?

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