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Why We Believe The Customer Is Always Right

Time and time again we receive shocked responses from customers because we offer to make an unfavorable experience with our company right. I'd like to share a short story with you about why I wholeheartedly believe that the customer is always right. 

Learning about business at a young age

produce at grocery store

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always associated my dad with business. He was an accountant. When my sisters and I were at his house on the weekends, we didn’t watch TV or play video games, we played business—bank, billy bills and auditor. We would use old punch cards he brought home and pretended we knew what each hole in the paper meant.

My dad was always teaching us about business, granted we were very young, but that didn’t stop the lessons. For example, we would be in the middle of an intense game of Scrabble, while my dad sat in his chair reading a book and he would exclaim “Girls! What’s the number one rule of business?”

We would all three roll our eyes and say in unison, “The customer is always right!”

He would respond, “That’s right! The customer is ALWAYS right!"

Or, we'd be at Kmart and he would explain how the toothpaste in the middle of the shelf (at eye level) was most likely the more expensive versus the bottom or top shelf. And if you just looked at the shelf tag a little closer, you could see the cost per ounce, which was truly the best way to find the better deal. “Never pick the one at eye level,” he would say.

To this day, I look at the price per ounce on almost everything I buy to determine if the bigger one is the better deal or not. While we may not have always understood our dad and his obsession with business and numbers, his passion and teachings have made me into the business owner I am today.

The most important rule in business

Frozen Garden box on door step

[Climbing atop my soapbox] The customer is always right. What an important first rule of business and one that many companies seem to lack today. I, too, am a customer and am very passionate about the products I buy. I expect the companies that make these products to be passionate about me. But today it seems to be less about me and more about the bottom line.

At Frozen Garden, our customers aren’t just a number on report. They aren’t just a faceless person ordering our Smoothies, Fusions or Delites or putting them in a grocery cart. Our company would not exist without you, our customers. We take great pride in ensuring each customer is happy with every. Single. Purchase. Whether UPS is delayed and our products arrive soggy and thawed out on a doorstep or a customer’s favorite flavor was missing the oats.

No matter the experience, if it’s not perfect, we will 100% make it right. As I mentioned before, time and time again we receive surprise responses from our customers when we make it right. Since when did it become the norm for people to accept the fact that companies don't always ensure their customers are satisfied each and every time?! I call that hogwash.

Yes, we are a small company. Yes, each and every Smoothie, Delite and Fusion is hand packed by humans who aren’t perfect all the time. Yes, sometimes our carrier has transit delays. But, the part that Frozen Garden is perfect on? The customer is ALWAYS right and we will make it right each and every time. [Climbing down from my soapbox]

Future business leaders

Fast forward to today and now I have two girls of my own. While I haven’t taught them just yet how to get the best deal on toothpaste or the number one rule of business, I beam with pride when I hear them playing Frozen Garden in the bathtub…"would you like a Jungle Breeze or a Rollin’ Oats?”