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The Frozen Garden Way to a Happier Healthier YOU

Feeling overwhelmed trying to eat healthy amidst the chaos of life? We hear you. Bid farewell to mealtime mayhem and start seizing the moments that matter.

We'll explore the time drain of grocery shopping and meal prep, the nutrition gap many face meeting dietary guidelines, and the money lost to food spoilage. Discover solutions to take control of your health journey.

Our ready-to-enjoy Smoothies, Overnights Oats, Garden Bowls, and more can help you save time, bridge nutrition gaps, and prevent food waste on the path to wellness.

Take charge of your health with delightfully convenient solutions. Save time, money and stress while enjoying the flavors of whole food nutrition. The transformation towards health begins with you!

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We've all been there, overwhelmed by the demands of daily life, wanting to eat better but feeling like there just aren't enough hours in the day. From the time it takes to meal prep to worrying whether you and your loved ones are getting the nutrients needed, having a healthy lifestyle can be stressful and overwhelming. Often so stressful and overwhelming that it results in many of us making the same poor food choices over and over again, ending up in a vicious cycle of wanting to eat better so that we can feel better but not feeling well or motivated enough to find the solutions we need.

We hear you, we’re here for you, and we think it's about time to show you a way out of this all-too-familiar struggle. In this blog, we’ll show you that there is a clear path leading you away from mealtime mayhem.  Now, let’s take a closer look at the challenges you face daily.

The Time Crunch: Meal Prep Woes

Did you know that most Americans spend around 6 hours getting meals ready every week? Yep, it’s true. With most people grocery shopping at least 2 times a week at about 45 minutes per trip, plus almost 40 minutes every day preparing, serving, and cleaning… 6 hours disappears just like that. When spread out over a week, that’s almost an hour a day that could be spent going on a family walk or having a family game night, but, instead, most people are stuck in the kitchen or at the grocery store.

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Now, imagine what would happen if you could reclaim some of this time. You might have more time to take the kids to the park, read some more of that book you’ve been dying to get back into, or simply have time to savor the moments that matter. That’s what we are here to help you do. By choosing our products, you’re not just buying mealtime solutions, you’re buying some of your time back. It's time to seize those moments you've been missing out on.

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The Nutrition Gap

Eating right is a challenge, that’s no secret. No matter how diligently we make our meal plans or how long we do spend wandering the aisles at the grocery store, those vital nutrition goals for our families and ourselves can slip right through our fingers.

Dietary Fiber

Fiber often takes a backseat in our daily diets, and its vital role often slips by unnoticed. The recommended daily intake of fiber ranges from 25 to 38 grams, but the average American barely reaches 16 grams. The beauty of fiber isn't just in its ability to keep things moving smoothly; it also plays a starring role in fending off chronic diseases like heart disease and type II diabetes.

These seemingly minor, overlooked nutrients hold the power to transform our overall well-being. Meeting these nutrient guidelines is crucial, but it can be quite the challenge, especially when we’re not kicking things off on the right foot with our dietary needs.

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Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and veggies, those unsung heroes of nutrition, pack a powerful punch of essential nutrients. They're bursting with the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body craves for a vibrant life. But, let's be real, most of us struggle to fit enough of these gems into our daily meals. The consequences? A higher risk of health hiccups and maybe even a not-so-sunny disposition.

Even if you're the kind who aims for fresh produce, here's the scoop: you might still be missing out on the full nutritional power. Studies unveil a bitter truth - when harvesting, as soon as it parts ways with its nutrient source,  the nutritional value of produce takes a nosedive.Even more, when stored at 4ºC (39ºF) for 7 days, veggies wave goodbye to 15 to 77% of vitamin C, serving as the baseline in this study. Now, picture the impact of this nutrient degradation during transportation on hot trailers after harvest and the subsequent time it spends on store shelves and then in your refrigerator before you get to enjoy it.

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This is where the magic of frozen produce comes in. Freezing produce soon after harvest pauses the degradation of its nutritional value. In fact, frozen produce may even surpass the nutritional content of what you find in your local grocery store, offering a delightful and nutritious surprise when you savor it. But hey, let's not forget—while fruits and veggies are crucial, whether they're fresh or frozen, it's not the only ingredient in the recipe for well-being. If the rest of your diet isn't playing its part, the source of your produce won't do all the heavy lifting for your health.

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Empty Calories

In our fast-paced lives, it's all too common to find ourselves pressed for time, making it challenging to make the best dietary choices. We're juggling so much, and it's no wonder that, on average, we end up consuming a significant 773 calories daily from foods that offer little to no nutritional value. What's more, recent data shines a light on the fact that these empty calories account for roughly 32% of daily calories for women and about 31% for men.

It's not just a matter of calories; it's about the daily struggle many of us face in trying to meet our dietary recommendations, often while juggling the demands of modern life. Given these challenges, it's no surprise that getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables and obtaining the proper nutrients can sometimes feel like a formidable task.

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But, what if you could bridge this nutrition gap with delicious simplicity? Bid farewell to the fiber dilemma stemming from a shortage of fruits and veggies and the recurring parade of empty calories. It's all about your journey toward meeting those dietary guidelines, and we're here to provide the tasteful options – like Smoothies – that help you make it happen. With our products, achieving this balance becomes not just attainable but enjoyable.

Even better? All these choices are brimming with fruits and veggies, frozen at their peak ripeness. So, you can trust that your fruit and vegetable portions from our products are your allies in the quest for those essential nutrients. You won't just be meeting your nutritional needs, but relishing every mouthful of goodness while your at it.

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Money Down the Drain: Food Spoilage

Ever felt like you're on a treasure hunt in your own kitchen? We get it – many times, you end up buying more ingredients than you need, thinking you'll cook up a storm, but life has other plans. That surplus of groceries starts to pile up, and it's like cash down the drain. According to the USDA, the average American family of four waves goodbye to a hefty $1,500 each year due to uneaten food. That's a hard-earned fortune going straight into the trash can.

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When you seize control of this food spoilage dilemma and opt for Frozen Garden products as your meal and snack time solutions, you're becoming a guardian against food waste. By stocking up on our pre-made frozen products, you eliminate the need to purchase fresh smoothie ingredients that often end up wilting or going bad. Instead, every sip or bite you savor becomes a delightful reminder that your hard-earned pennies are well spent.

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In conclusion…

As we've ventured through the daily challenges you may face on your path to a healthy eating lifestyle, we've explored the hurdles that many of us encounter, from battling the clock to bridging the nutrition gap and tackling food waste. It's a journey we've all shared, one marked by the struggles and setbacks we encounter along the way, but here's where the magic unfolds. Because, while others may find themselves locked in the daily grind of chopping vegetables or taking their second trip to the grocery store that week, you could be sipping on your favorite Frozen Garden Smoothie and relishing a feeling of health and wellness inside and out.

The transformation begins with you, taking charge of your well-being. In a world where time is precious, our range of delightful solutions, including Smoothies, Delites, Overnight Oats, Fusions, and Garden Bowls, ensures that you have the tools you need to seize the reins of your health journey.

So, why wait? Say farewell to the mealtime mayhem, the overwhelming grocery lists, and the constant struggle to meet your dietary needs. Welcome the ease and joy of a life that tastes good and feels even better. It's your journey, we're just here to add flavor to every step of it.