Why Most New Year's Resolutions Fail

Why Most Resolutions Fail: Achieving Success This New Year

It's that time of year when you start to think about what changes to make in 2023 and after the year we all just had, it seems just a little bit more important to start the next one off right. We know it can be hard to make (and keep) New Year's resolutions, but did you know that studies have shown that approximately 80 percent of New Year's resolutions fail? This time, set yourself up for success by following these simple concepts.

Start Small, Like Really Small

It's tempting to choose a massive resolution to see massive changes quickly. But, the larger the change, the harder it is to stick with it. And as soon as you "cheat" you feel like you've failed. Instead of completely changing your daily diet, resolve to just eat a healthy breakfast or drink an extra glass of water each day. By keeping your goals small and attainable, you drastically increase your chances of success and turning it into a long-term habit and a lot of small goals add up to some massive changes over time.

Instead of Giving Something Up, Add Something In

We've all been there, giving up a bad habit that we love...the pit in your stomach just thinking about it. This year, instead of giving something up, I encourage you to add something in. That's right, completely reframe the mindset of a resolution and make it a positive instead of a negative. Instead of giving up sweets, add in a healthy Smoothie or guilt-free Delite during those times when you normally reach for something not-so-healthy. When you add enough good stuff in, it will eventually crowd out the bad stuff.

Be Kind To Yourself

We've all just had an incredibly tough couple of years. It is easy to beat up on yourself for the "COVID 19" extra pounds that you've put on. Instead of focusing on what you didn't do "right" in 2022, make self care a higher priority in 2023. Along with those healthier changes that focus on fitness or nutrition, make sure your resolutions also include items that will lead to a healthier mental state as well. Making time for you and only you.

Here to Help

Frozen Garden is here to help you achieve success in 2023. Here are some easy and convenient ways to make these small attainable changes.

Warm Lemon Water

There are many health benefits to drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Drinking any water, or especially warm water, first thing in the morning can help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. The lemon part of the warm lemon water equation can help stimulate proper stomach acid production as well as provides a vitamin C and potassium boost that can help with your immune system and improve skin quality. We make it easy with our Lemon-Pineapple-Ginger Fusion. Just drop a cube or two into warm water and your antioxidant-filled beverage is ready to go!

Daily Smoothie

I have been drinking a Smoothie every day for almost 16 years now. I started drinking Smoothies, not as a part of an overall lifestyle change, but to add in at least one healthy item each and every day. If the rest of the day didn't go as healthy as planned, I knew I had at least gotten in several servings of fruits and vegetables from my morning Smoothie. As the years went on, these daily Smoothies motivated me to make healthy improvements in other areas of my diet as well. With 15+ flavors to choose from, you'll never be bored drinking the same old smoothie day in and day out.

Guilt-Free Craveable Delites

According to FoodInstitue.com, Americans are shifting away from three meals a day to more snacking more frequently. Darren Seifer, NPD food and beverage industry analyst said, “America is a nation of snackers and we’re no longer as averse to snacking as we once were. Instead, snacking is viewed as a way to have a quick bite in between meals or as a convenient meal side."

But, all of that snacking can lead to mindless eating which can also add to unwanted weight gain. That's one of the reason we created our line of Delites  which are pre-portioned healthy desserts without added sugar, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Protein-Packed Breakfast

You know what they say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But, why? Well, according to the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, researchers found that eating a big breakfast instead of a larger dinner could prevent obesity and high blood sugar while even helping you burn twice as many calories. Say, what!?

But sadly, breakfast is no longer a priority for many Americans as they’re short on time and sometimes skip breakfast all together. According to Mintel, traditional mealtimes are now turning to snack times. Nearly 75% of people are snacking in the morning - furthering the need for light and portable foods that are healthy, convenient, high in protein, contain fruit and are low in sugar. Plus, research has shown that protein and fat can increase satiety and cut down on unnecessary snacking later, while whole grains and produce add nutritious fiber, vitamins and minerals.

What’s more? Skipping breakfast is commonly associated with increased risk of obesity, diabetes and low dietary quality. Those who eat breakfast regularly often have increased physical activity and lower intake of snacks.

Well, Frozen Garden's Overnight Oats are now helping to solve the breakfast conundrum because each pre-portioned Oat pack checks all of those boxes and the coolest part? You can eat it right out of the pack! With 5 delicious flavors to choose from, you can nail your New Year's morning routine!

Drink More Water

Did you know that studies have shown that 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated? People underestimate the amazing benefits of just being properly hydrated. Many times, when your brain thinks it's hungry, your body is actually craving hydration. Next time you feel like reaching for a snack or a sugar-laden beverage, try a glass of water instead and you'll be amazed at how that does the trick. Frozen Garden's Fusion Beverage Infusers make boring water flavorful by infusing it with 100% whole fruit and herbs. Choose from 5 delicious flavors.

Meal Replacement Smoothies

While we are big proponents of eating actual real food (like, with a fork), but sometimes you need something quick for a meal replacement that will leave you feeling satisfied. Frozen Garden has four Smoothie flavors that are great for meal replacements...Cherry Bomb, Green ProteinRollin' Oats and Sunrise. No protein powders here! We only use real, whole foods like pumpkin, flax, chia and hemp seeds to amp up the protein. Have a few of these protein packed Smoothies on hand to keep you full until your next meal.