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18-Smoothie Pack
Richard Jackson
Delicious, diverse, and easy to make smoothies every time!

I've ordered from Frozen Garden twice now and both experiences have been wonderful. I don't drink smoothies every day but usually once a week or so. I'll definitely be ordering again as soon as I get close to finishing the smoothie packs I recently ordered.

Excellent product & service

Cherry Blossom
Cynthia Rochel
Love the Cherry!

Smooth, tart cherry. Perfect after our afternoon walk.

Tropical Green


Gil M
Perfect Blend

A shake I look forward to having


Perfect 🤩

One of the best

I’ve been bringing a smoothie to work everyday. It’s part of my keep healthy plan - Just Peachy is one of my favorites.

Cherry Blossom
christina fortin-maurer
all great flavors

all great flavors

Strawberry Caprese
christina fortin-maurer
all great flavors

all great flavors

Love the hint of espresso!

I love the depth of flavor that the cocoa and espresso bring to this one! Definitely one of our favorites!

Purple Passion
Chris Mitchell

I really like Frozen Garden smoothies but this one was especially delicious.

Get your veg on

I often struggle to get enough vegetables at lunchtime, this smoothie is perfect for that.

Probably my favorite

This one is so tasty, perfect as a breakfast smoothie!

Blueberry Hemp
LaDonna R.

Loved it. I would be inclined to subscribe if you were able to choose what you wanted. I don’t just want smoothies I want to be able to choose bowls and the oats. Otherwise I love everything!!
Thank you!!

Hi LaDonna. Thanks for the review! On our subscriptions, its not limited to just can choose any of our products that you like. The only difference is that subscriptions are the individual products and not the prebuilt variety packs. But you can choose from all our Smoothies, Overnight Oats, Garden Bowls, Delites, Fusions and even the Family Smoothie Packs. Hope that helps!

I love my favorite cherry banana great products thank you so much 💖

Smoothie Rookie Pack
Ana T.

Excellent product I love it ❤️

Banana Cacao
Robyn K.

I love the chocolate PB oats!! So low in sugar and high in protein and tastes GREAT!

Fruit Smoothie Pack
June B.

This was a gift for a friend who is undergoing chemo and radiation - it was a complete hit. Helpful for low appetite - and all those yummy fruits! thank you

18-Smoothie Pack
Anthony A.

So far I’m impressed. I have only tried about 4 of them. So far I like the taste of the 3 I’ve tried. The fourth one with chickpea or date tasted like coffee. Didn’t really like it. I’ll continue with the rest and find out which ones I like and reorder.

36-Smoothie Pack
Katherine B.

I don't like subscriptions -- but I do like that I can get a decent discount with a 36 count stock up order. We love every single flavor save 1 out of the 18 flavor assortment so this works for us very well!

Now I don't feel like it has been days and days since I have eaten fruits or vegetables, since I start my day off with a smoothie blended with almond milk and sometimes a little protein powder. Great product.

Keto Smoothie Pack
Jennifer L.

I absolutely LOVE Frozen Garden. The quality is amazing and the packaging is great. I originally received a package as a gift about 4 years ago and have been ordering ever since. I travel a lot on business and me and my husband are busy so when I have crazy busy weeks/months, we order Frozen Garden to fill in the blanks! It is much easier and just as healthy as preparing smoothies on our own. The KETO selection tastes great and is also a good variety. - Jen

18-Smoothie Pack
Christine S.

Easy and tasty, I enjoy it every morning.

Courtney F.

Absolutely love this flavor. I mixed with orange juice and it was gone within five seconds. This one you have to try.