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frozen garden founders talking in a meeting
Allyson Straka
Founder, CEO

I first began drinking green smoothies in 2006 when I read the book Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. Dark leafy greens are one of the most nutrient-dense readily available foods and are also the most commonly missing food in modern diets. Green for Life introduced me to the concept of an easier way to consume them in sufficient quantities: the green smoothie.

I began drinking green smoothies daily in addition to my regular diet...all so I wouldn't feel so guilty about consuming a pound of bacon a day. It didn't take long to notice the positive changes I experienced...more energy, clearer skin, and system regularity...and all I was doing was blending LOTS of dark leafy greens with other fruits and vegetables!

Before long, I was introducing green smoothies to all of my friends and family...even giving away close to 30 copies of Green for Life. This new found passion for nourishing my body with real, nutrient-dense foods continued to grow over time. In 2013, I started Mindful Nourishment, as a Holistic Health Educator, and began developing programs to spread the real food movement. At Mindful Nourishment, we taught our clients how to reduce their consumption of processed foods and instead get back in their kitchens and cook real, nutrient-dense foods from scratch. But, for many people, finding the time to do this is their biggest roadblock.

I was discussing this problem with my dad one day and he said "Allyson, if you could get your clients to do just ONE thing to improve their health, what would it be?" Without even a second's hesitation, I said "Drink green smoothies every day!" My dad responded "How can you make that easier and more convenient for them?" I contacted Ellyn and Cheryl and the wheels began to turn...Frozen Garden was born!

From that moment on, we have been working diligently to create the most nutritious and delicious line of green smoothies, ready-to-blend from your own freezer, to make living a healthy lifestyle a bit easier and more enjoyable. The love and passion that the three of us, along with our incredible team, put into these smoothies every day is immeasurable. I am so very lucky and grateful to have such a dedicated team of individuals who have helped make Frozen Garden a reality. We are so excited to share these green smoothies with you!

frozen garden co-founder
Cheryl Levrio
Co-Founder, Customer Relations

Allyson is making me write this bio and I really don't like doing this kind of stuff, so bear with me, my life is not fascinating in the least so try to stay awake while reading it. :)

My greatest accomplishment by far has been raising two daughters who are funny, intelligent, strong and compassionate and who both know what they want and are not afraid to go out and get it. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home and be involved with them at school and with their after school activities. During those years I was active in the PTO, a Girl Scout leader, a YMCA youth basketball coach, a Pop Warner cheerleading coach, a softball coach and a room mom. I would not trade those years for anything! Not sure if the girls always liked having me around, but they got over it! 

I have over 20 years experience of customer service and administration in the fitness field. I was always impressed and a little awed by members who made a commitment to change their lives with exercise and then stuck to it. But in all those years, the majority of members (including me) usually never achieved their ultimate goal of losing weight. It wasn't until I started working with Allyson and Ellyn at Mindful Nourishment, that I understood the difference of eating real food vs processed food and the effects it has on our bodies. 

I'm at the age where I'm seeing the light at the end of the menopausal tunnel. Once I became aware of what I was eating, my menopause symptoms became tolerable and some even disappeared entirely. On top of that, my thyroid decided to stop working. After almost a year, I finally have that under control. Between menopause, my thyroid, becoming an empty-nester and everyday stress, I have put on some weight. The struggle is real!! But....because I have changed what I eat, I'm pretty damn healthy on the inside and that's what impresses my doctor!  I am still able to keep up with the young women I play volleyball and softball with in the park league. The girls on my team make me laugh and keep me young. I'm pretty sure they are laughing with me and not at me. I think....

Ellyn and Allyson have taught me so much that I could not imagine where I would be health-wise if I had not met them. They have also made me try foods that I NEVER would have tried prior to meeting them. Turns out, I actually like sushi and Brussels sprout salad! Who knew?!

The 3 of us are from 3 different generations, 3 different backgrounds and all have the letter Y in our name but we work really well together. I'm so proud that I get to work with them every day to bring our customers these healthy, delicious smoothies that are truly made with love.

woman standing at blender creating green smoothies
Ellyn Vogel
Co-Founder, Product Development

I am a foodie, lover of plants, and a confirmed vegetarian for 40 years and counting. Before co-founding Frozen Garden as the smoothie creator, I worked in our health care system, as a clinical social worker with a focus on individual health advocacy. I have always believed that we can change our health destiny through clean eating and living, and it is one of my greatest joys to educate and empower people to do so. My passion for clean eating and recipe creation has been evident for years. I love cooking, and experimenting with new spices and unique items.  I frequently visit grocery stores and spice houses, and am often reading cookbooks (with a glass of wine in my hand). Essentially I am a clean-food hobbyist.

My life was forever altered when I met Allyson and Cheryl, my Frozen Garden partners, and I could not be more grateful. Allyson and I were health coaches for Mindful Nourishment, a holistic nutritional services company that Allyson started. Cheryl was the glue that allowed our operation to run smoothly. From that passion project, a seed was planted that has now grown to become this wonderfully fun, health-centric smoothie company.

I am thrilled to be part of this team, bound in common values and dedicated to making healthy eating easier. Handcrafting nutritionally rich smoothies that taste great is our pleasure that we hope will become yours.

If you become a customer of our smoothie products, please share feedback. We are committed to refining our craft and being your trusted partner.



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