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Our Story

woman holding smoothie next to Frozen Garden Green Smoothies

Wanting to have a more balanced diet, in 2006 I started drinking green smoothies every day (and still do!). When I got pregnant with my first daughter, I really started thinking about the food we put in our bodies. I became obsessed with what’s really in the food we eat. After my second daughter, I left the corporate world and became a certified Holistic Health Coach, so I could spread the real food movement to as many people as possible.

The Real Food Movement and Changing the Food System

As a health coach, I taught clients how to reduce their consumption of processed foods while getting back in their kitchens to cook real, nutrient-dense foods from scratch. For many, finding the time to shop and cook from scratch was the biggest roadblock. It was really frustrating to hear complaints about not being able to buy any “convenient” products.

So, I turned my frustrations into an opportunity and set out to make a change. I wanted to create a healthy and convenient solution without chemicals or additives and prove that it is possible to eat healthy. But, what would that product be? I was talking with my dad about my challenge and he asked, “If you could get your clients to do just one thing to improve their health, what would it be?”

Without hesitation I said, “Well, drink green smoothies every day.”

He responded, “How do you make that easier and more convenient for them?”

And, boom. Frozen Garden was born.

Frozen Garden Today

We’ve come a long way since selling our first Frozen Garden green smoothie in 2016.

  • Expanded from selling out of our small office in Chesterton, Indiana to a small production facility just down the road in Valparaiso.
  • Selling our frozen smoothies in over 150 retailers in the Midwest, North East and South while adding more stores each week.
  • Increasing our shipping zone from 11 Midwest states to the Lower 48.
  • Continuing to create new and innovative smoothie flavors including two new flavors in summer 2018.
  • Inducted into the Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana for creativity, innovation and promoting economic growth across the region.

I still remember talking with our first local farmer, in the preschool carpool line, about the vegetables they were growing for us and our dreams of expanding while still using locally grown foods. Today, we source from six local farmers. Not only have we expanded, but we’ve created such an amazing relationship with our farmers, some will specially grow crops for us that they don’t normally offer.

Even though we’ve grown significantly, I’m proud that we continue to be a small-town operation that produces pre packaged and ready to blend smoothies by handcrafting in small batches. Sure, we could cut costs by using a mass produce supplier or even non-sustainable packaging, but that’s not us. No matter how big we get, we will never be willing to sacrifice quality, flavor or our environment.

The Frozen Garden Team

Frozen Garden Team

Before bringing on a team I had a vision of what I wanted our culture to be. To make my vision a reality I put several priorities in place. My first priority was to offer flexibility. I don’t believe anyone should have to sacrifice their family life or sell their soul to an employer just so they can keep their job. I truly believe that family and inner peace takes priority. That’s why when life gets tough and things we have no control over happen, our team comes together so people can take care of the things that really matter in life.

My second priority was to build a culture where each team member feels fully supported, loves coming to work every day and enjoys the people they work with. Over the years, I’ve learned no matter where you work or what you do no job is worth staying at if you don’t enjoy the people you work with.

My third priority was to create opportunities for those who may not have them: stay at home parents or those nearing retirement who still want work life balance, those who may not have a college degree or no recent work experience. I believe everyone is equal. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to work, have a voice, make an impact or make a difference.

When you buy our ready made smoothies not only are you deciding to lead a healthier lifestyle, you’re choosing to support local farmers, a small business and a Midwest mom with big dreams. In turn, you become a part of our story and we think that’s pretty cool.

Allyson Straka
Founder & CEO