Our Story

As a health coach, I became frustrated when my clients complained about not being able to find convenient, nutrient dense food and that they didn’t have time to get into the kitchen and cook from scratch.

I turned that frustration into inspiration and decided to change the food industry and prove that it is possible to make real food convenient without any supplements, powders or gimmicks. In the beginning, I found local farmers to partner with, developed recipes, figured out the best way to chop produce so it would blend in any type of blender – even a $19 one from Kmart – and started selling Smoothies out of a small office in the Spring of 2016.

As Frozen Garden continues to grow, everything we do is for you. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have plant-based, nutrient dense frozen foods made with real ingredients available to them. 

Even though we’ve grown significantly, I’m proud that Frozen Garden continues to be a small-town operation that handcrafts ready to blend Smoothies and water infusing Fusions in small batches. Sure, we could cut costs by using a mass produce supplier or even non-sustainable packaging, but that’s not us. No matter how big we get, I will never be willing to sacrifice quality, flavor or our environment.

Frozen Garden Founder Allyson Straka
local farmers and suppliers
pounds of dark leafy greens

Our Mission

Making real food convenient without any supplements, powders or gimmicks.

Our Vision 

To change the food industry and prove that it’s possible to eat real food that’s also convenient.

Our Values

Frozen Garden is committed to you and being REAL in every sense. 

REAL INGREDIENTS: Handcrafting products with 100% real food. 

REAL FARMERS: Sourcing ingredients from local farmers, when available. 

REAL CONVENIENT: Simplifying how you nourish your body.

REAL TEAMWORK: Fostering a supportive work environment with flexible hours and an opportunity for everyone to make an impact. 

REAL SUSTAINABLE: Minimizing the negative impact on the environment while making sure nothing goes to waste.

REAL PEOPLE: Providing excellent customer service with a friendly voice on the other end of the line or a personal email response, without the use of an automated system. 

Thank you for being a customer and supporting our small business. 

Allyson Straka 
Founder & Chief Smoothie Officer

Our Story | Woman Owned Business | Frozen Garden
Our Story | Woman Owned Business | Frozen Garden