Boost Performance with Smart Back-to-School Eats!

A new school year is upon us and for many this means getting back to a daily routine of meal planning, homework and earlier bedtimes. While trying to remember how to divide fractions can be a challenge, it can be even trickier to make sure your kids are getting the proper nutrition throughout the day – from breakfast to after school snacks. Here are some tips for an A+ and healthier school year:

Make a Nutritious Breakfast

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children and adolescents consume breakfast for healthier body weights, improved nutrition, better memory, better test scores, and better attention spans. So, skip the sugary cereal and let your children wake up to a hearty, filling and nutritious breakfast with our Overnight Oats. Always in a rush? No worries! Our Oats make themselves! Just grab a pack, add milk or milk alternative and put it in your fridge before going to bed. Voila! The next morning all you need to do is stir and breakfast is served! Plus our Overnight Oats range between 8-15 grams of protein which can help kids stay full until lunch.

Blend up a Fruit-Packed Smoothie

While Smoothies are also great for breakfast, they're actually great any time of day! Add a Frozen Garden Smoothie to an insulated travel tumbler and your little one can enjoy a frosty drink with their lunch. We have kid-friendly fruit Smoothie flavors including Purple Passion, That's So Razz and Just Peachy.

Forgo Processed Snacks 

We know it's super easy to grab a bag of chips or cookies for an after school snack or lunch side. But, those snacks are often chock-full of salt, fat and added sugar which can contribute to high blood pressure and even childhood obesity. Instead blend up a Delite our pre-portioned healthy snacks without added sugar, artificial ingredients or preservatives. They're also handcrafted with 100% real, whole food in popular flavors such as Banana Split, Oatmeal Cookie and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Take Boring Water Up a Notch 

According to a 2015 study, more than 50 percent of children aren't drinking enough water. We get it. Kids think water is "boring" and they much prefer sugar-laden beverages like juices and sodas. But, what if we told you there was a way to make boring water better? Enter Frozen Garden Fusions, made with 100% real fruit and herbs. Fusions add a splash of flavor to water, but without any powders, artificial flavors or added sugars. The best part is you can let your kids be the boss and decide how strong they want their flavor to be. For a hint of flavor, they can add one Fusion or for a more intense flavor, maybe three or four - it's all up to them! 

We know it may be tough trying to introduce healthier food options to kids and it could take several tries, especially for picker eaters – so don't get frustrated! We find that it's easier to make small changes a little at a time rather than all at once. And by introducing good eating habits now, it may also help your kids to make healthier decisions as an adult.